Design for Events, Scenery, Expo & Commercial Interiors

Mobidec is an innovative designer and manufacturer of products and systems for the retail, architectural, and consumer industries. We continually develop new approaches to solutions that enhance environments.

For over one decade we have developed and broadened our inventive systems to provide high levels of functionality and aesthetics. We understand the needs of shops and brand marketers from the smallest detail to the larger overview, and the ever changing landscape of business challenges retailers face. Our expertise in design, development and manufacturing leads us to continually challene and create successful solutions for our retail clients.

Mobidec systems enable flexible merchandising and can be adapted to a range of different target groups and design concepts. While our systems enhance the interior ambiance, their neutral image emphasises the merchandise rather than the system itself.

Quality, timeless design and long life-cycles are the rules for our products. Whether the are structural systems, glass systems, horizontal or vertical systems or systems for the selective use of walls and floors, Mobidec systems offer many design possibilities for retail environments and are continually expanded to include new technical solutions.

Well-known companies from retail and service sectors set great stores by Mobidec products. The versatility of Mobidec systems is visible in megastores, fashion boutiques, brand stores, department stores, showrooms and service areas, where they contribute to economic success.